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About Deb Hagen, Photographer

I'm an everyday person ... probably a lot like you. I have my favorite "chocolate" candy, and my favorite blue jeans. I am a wife, a mother, and a grandma.  I LOVE the outdoors and photography!


I am also a hard-working professional, award winning and published photographer ... I am always interested in stepping outside the box and creating Works of Art with proper design and art principals. 

Deb Hagen Photography is located in Hutchinson, Kansas.  My studio provides a peaceful location for portraits for newborns and children, families, couples, high school seniors, engaged couples and brides,  and head shots for corporate executives and business owners.


The studio also provides a quiet, comfortable sitting for consultations with my clients. Samples of my work, both canvas and prints are on display.


I am always willing to go on location for my clients ... it could  be with a High School senior in the middle of a wheat field or to the delivery room in the hospital for a newborn session.

While helping each of my clients ...I have their best interest in mind, I want to know what they like and what they are all about ... this helps me capture what will be pleasing to them. 

    "A person who feels at ease is more 
          likely to smile from the heart." 

Have you ever put on your favorite shirt and your hair was having a good day and you just felt on top of the world?  Those kinds of things help to create a smile that is genuine.  In the studio, to best accomplish this from my part,  I try to get my clients to feel at ease and have fun. The genuine smiles do shine through. And That Makes a BIG difference. 

                                                         ~ Deb


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