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...a run to get fast food

As I was deep into editing photos, James (14 yr old grandson who lives with us) requested some special something from the kitchen. Due to a medical condition, his taste for food is not predictable. Some weeks a certain food tastes wonderful, and the next week that very same food sounds very repulsive. I am usually willing to make an impromtu run to the store for certain food items if/when he has figured out something that sounds tastey. Last evening was one of those times I was willing to get something for him.

A fast moving rain storm had just finished when James requested fried shrimp. I quickly decided to put on my shoes and head out to purchase something for him to eat. So off and down the road with Long John Silver's just a few blocks away.

The clouds seperated just enough for the windmill head to fit just inside the yellow opening

Thinking I was only headed to L J S, I did not grab my camera. Oh how happy I am that my iPhone ALSO takes photos. The sky and clouds were spectacular and I even noticed other cars stopping along the road checking out the beautiful skies.

About a half hour later, James had his snack of shrimp. I told him I was sorry it took so long, but there were some very beautiful clouds in the sky. He laughed because he knows just 3 miles down the road is a windmill, and we live about 4 blocks from the edge of town. On the other side of that 4 block margin, there lies open fields and cattle and farmsteads. . . AND that open sky does not block views of sunsets and lovely clouds.

This is the last little bits from a storm cloud with reflections in the rain water in an open field

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